Copper Water Testing CT

Testing your water for copper in Connecticut is an option if you you suspect it is in your drinking water. Copper is a metallic element that occurs naturally.  Historically, it was the first metal to be mined and smelted into objects. Today, as related to home and business owners, copper in drinking water is typically from plumbing pipes and fixtures.

High copper concentrations in local CT drinking water is almost always a result of corrosive water (acidic/low pH) leaching copper from plumbing pipes, fittings and fixtures. 

Blue-green deposits on porcelain fixtures, or blue or green tinted hair or laundry may be an indication of this copper piping deterioration.  Many Connecticut wells have naturally acidic well-water that needs to be neutralized to prevent this unwanted copper leaching.  While copper is not poisonous to humans in trace amounts, it can taste bad, and expensive copper pipes will eventually develop leaks if they continue to be eroded from the inside.

Sampling technique is important when testing for copper in water because improper sampling can result in unusually inaccurate high copper levels.

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