Well Quantity Testing CT

Well Quantity Testing also referred to as Well Flow Testing in CT for FHA Mortgages, VA Mortgages, FHA Refinances, VA Refinances, USDA loans, Conventional Mortgages and Refi’s, New Home Purchases and more.

When a well is 1st drilled in Connecticut, there is usually a log registered at the local town or city hall. Within the log, there is ususally information regarding the well’s capacity, flow and/or yield in gallons per minute.

It is always good to try to see the well’s information from when installed; however, the flow could change over time. This makes it vital to check the well’s quantity before buying a home.

Well Quantity Testing in Connecticut

The well quantity in CT is usually checked by gauging the water flow rate from and outside water faucet using a garden hose and a meter over a specific period of time. Some fluctuation in well flow and pressure is normal, but a well should be able to deliver a flow of at least 3 gallons per minute after to be adequate. For newer wells the optimal flow rate is 5 gallons minute to adequately feed the house or property. 

Testing the Quantity of Your well when buying a Connecticut home is always an important consideration!

Well flow tests are performed under the conditions that exist at the time of the inspection. Flow rates may fluctuate over time and your actual flow rate will vary, dependent on seasonal variations and demand on the aquifer supply. Permanent changes in your water supply can be caused by seismic activity, blasting in the area or increased wells drawing from the same aquifer.

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