Water Testing in CT for Manufacturing & Mechanical Systems

We offer complete water testing services throughout Connecticut including environmental testing and analysis in chemistry and microbiology as well as custom and standard manufacturing services.

We have a variety of clients in various industries including:

Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biotechnology, health care and education, aerospace, automotive, electronics, semiconductor, durable consumer goods, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, agricultural chemicals, biomanufacturing, batteries and energy storage manufacturing, boat manufacturing, ceramics, chemical manufacturing, clothing and apparel, computers, concrete and cement, construction equipment, construction material manufacturing, cosmetics, electronics, elevators and building technology, energy systems, farming equipment, food and beverages, footwear, furniture, glass manufacturing, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, high precision machining, home appliances, home fixtures, jewelry, laboratory and scientific equipment, lighting equipment, machine tool manufacturing, medical devices, metal fabrication, mobile devices, musical instruments, nanotechnology manufacturing, packaging manufacturing, personal care products, pet supplies and food, plastics, printing and publishing, pulp and paper, robotics manufacturing, ship building, sporting goods, textiles, tools, toys, transportation equipment, wood working etc.

In addition we offer testing for closed mechanical systems. Water is often the lifeblood of mechanical systems. Its chemical characteristics can make the difference between a system that lasts for decades and one that develops expensive corrosion issues within months of startup.

Pure water consists of only hydrogen and oxygen. It is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. Unfortunately, “pure” water does not exist in nature. Because water is the universal solvent, water from springs, wells, and even municipal mains contains dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium; sediment such as fine silica sand or organic particles; and dissolved gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.  Some water sources also contain microorganisms such as bacteria or algae. There can be wide variations in these impurities from one water source to another. 

With over 25 years of experience, our goal is always to exceed the expectations of our clients, business partners, associates and employees throughout Connecticut.

Our friendly knowledgeable technicians and support team are on board to help with any of your questions, technical support and water testing needs. Reports are delivered via email. Turnaround times vary depending on testing requirements.

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