Water Testing in CT for Quarterly or Annual Compliance / Licensing

We offer compliance testing that meets the STATE OF CONNECTICUT requirements for quarterly and / or annual water testing required for certain food service licenses etc. Food Service business owners among others are responsible for conducting monitoring of the drinking water at their location/s to ensure that it meets all drinking water standards as determined by its monitoring schedule. 

The frequency of monitoring is often dependent on the contaminant and the population served. The standards set by the STATE OF CONNECTICUT protect public health by limiting the levels of contaminants in drinking water. 

Some permits have on-going permit conditions for water testing requirements. Certain types of businesses throughout Connecticut are required to provide the STATE OF CONNECTICUT with lab certified results on a regular basis (annually, quarterly, or in some cases more often) for specific water for contaminants.

Regardless of who you use, for your water testing needs in most instances with food service, the results need to be sent to the Health Department. This is can done automatically if that is what is required for your business.

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