Water Testing CT Ecoli coliform BacteriaColiform and E.Coli Bacteria in Your Well water. Bacteria exist in many Connecticut well waters, especially shallow or poorly constructed wells under the influence of water from the surface. However even if your well is a deep properly constructed well, it can become accidentally contaminated by coliform bacteria.

Septic tanks can contaminate drinking water wells with bacteria as well. In some cases, wells are contaminated as a result of recent service or pump repair work.

Other sources of bacterial contamination may include run-off from yards, feedlots, pastures, and other farm land areas where animal waste products are deposited. Insect pests, rodents and/or wildlife coming into the well can also cause E.coli or coliform bacteria pollution. Harmful bacteria can enter a water source by means of floods or possibly by surface run-off during heavy periods of rain in Connecticut as well.

Contamination from pathogenic bacteria can cause serious health problems in many private water systems. E.coli or fecal coliform  causes intestinal problems such as dysentery, hepatitis, cholera and typhoid fever. E.Coli is a form of coliform that is found in the guts of warm blooded mammals such as people, pets, livestock and wild animals.

Intestinal tract infections and dysentery are often thought to be minor health problems. They can, however, prove deadly to newborns, the aging population, and those that are ill. In certain areas typhoid, hepatitis and cholera are passed on through contaminated water sources. A water analysis is required to determine whether bacteria exists in your Connecticut water supply.

If your CT water comes from your own private source, you are in charge of having the water tested to make sure it is safe.  Your Connecticut well water should be tested at least one time each year to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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